Dr Hafez Hakamy

Ibn Sina PC ( Makkah)

I am advising Lactonic AC because Protein is partially hydrolyzed 100% , cover all possible reasons of Colic and also constipation & The taste is acceptable

Dr.Nahed bosela

Head Of pediatrics Department, El Mouawasat Hos. Madina

I tried many AR fomula and i found Lactonic AR the only formula succeeded with low weight and regurgitated with new born baby , and no constipation or diarrhea as a side effect rather than Others

Dr. Ebrahim Mansour

Head of Pediatric Dep. Al Jeddany Hos. Jeddah

I trusted Lactonic AC as it bring a good results & Rapid Relief.

Dr.Mahmoud Abol fotoh

Shefa teba polyclinic

I tried Lactonic LF with many babies and most of them healed from diarrhea in little time with zero refusal for the formula from the side of its taste

Dr.Doaa Bery

Al Markaz PC  Al Hawia - Taif

I have tried Lactonic AR with Many Infants.. Really I found instant stop for the Regurgitations without any constipation or Dirahea with marked weight gain

Dr.Mohamed Fouad

Mashi PC -Taif

I am always using Lactonic AC as it is the only formula I trusted that addresses Colic quickly and effectively

Dr.Shimaa Qandil

Head of Department  New Jeddah Clinic Hos.

I have used Lactonic AC for 2 months baby who have Colic and gases and excessive crying and i got a good result .. from that time I am always using it


Head of Department  Jeddah National Hos.

I always using Lactonic AR for regurgitations

Dr.Moatafa Ezzat

Head of pediatrics Department  Hala bin Laden Hos.

I always use Lactonic AC for treatment of Colic cases

Dr.Samer Moustafa

Deputy Medical Director, Fakhry Hospital

From my experience with Lactonic gold milk formulas. Many Babies were suffering from regurgitation which affect baby health Mothers’ quality of life, when I changed the milk to Lactonic AR There were a great improvement after using it. Also LF formula has marvelous results on relieving diarrhea symptoms &decreasing the episodes of diarrhea, So that I recommend it for using in these cases.

Dr. Essam Abdelaziz

Aljazeraa p.c

I want to thank Lactonic Company for its high quality products Specially the anti-colic formula which give wonderful results with all Colic cases plus it’s reflection on normal growth and supporting babies immunity.

Dr.Ayman Alhawary

Alnamozagy p.c

After an experience more than two years with Lactonic milk: It is complete nutritional formula with palatable taste, supported by All nutritional elements needed for healthy growth, also Lactonic special formula That treat diarrhea, colic &regurgitation give excellent results, I did not receive Any bad feedback about it from all patient I advised to use.

Dr. Zohair Shalabi

Dammam medical center-sec

Breast milk is the best. But if it is not available, LACTONIC milk is a nutritionally complete formula. It provides infants with optimal energy and with the octagaurd system for enhancing babies immunity &  defense.

Dr. Ahmed abdelhamid

AlRaya P.C

I advise all mothers to use Lactonic   as an alternative milk similar to human milk When breastfeeding is not available that is due to its marvelous feedback. On weight gain, immunity strength &treatment of G.I.T disorders.


United Arab Emirates

I have used Lactonic 2 Gold, and I found it very helpful for my baby’s nutrition, it gives him what he needs for his first steps. I advise every mother to use it.


Saudi Arabia

I have used Lactonic 2 Gold, and I found it very helpful for my baby’s nutrition, it gives him what he needs for his first steps. I advise every mother to use it.

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