Month 12 – Facilitate the disengagement process

Your child may have anxiety attacks from being separated or separated from you, which is normal. In order to facilitate the process of separation, leave the child a long time. Do not pull out without seeing you and do not increase the pain with the long farewell, make it short, with one kiss. Then I listened to the hearing after the child had left, and in most cases his tears […]

Month 11 – Elimination of the concern of deprivation of motherhood

Almost every mother and father feel insecure about the deprivation of paternity or maternity for any reason you trust yourself, and you must remember that a lot of your skills and confidence come from experience and education. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes – otherwise how do we learn. Ask when you are not sure what to do. Over time, you will feel more confident about your ability to recognize your child’s […]

Month X – Balance Work and Family

Your personality has changed since the birth of your child, and here you can wonder how you spend between the womb and the work. The answer depends largely on the culture and nature of your business. Look around and observe how other mothers treat this issue, and learn from successful examples You may need to take a break or reduce hours of work for your child. But you need to […]

Month Nine – Raise your spirit

You do not need to make big plans to raise your spirits and sense of optimism. But there are some small ideas you can do to replenish your energy and cohesion Take ten minutes to practice some exercise for 10 minutes with deep breathing take a shower . With relaxation. • Get out of your closed circuit by reading. You can spend time with a good book or magazine

Month 8 – Start

In fact, your move creates energy and does not consume it. But choose the wisest movements that fit your schedule. Exit . Go for a walk and go to a park away from you and walk and rocky. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or the electric ladder. Marcy sports and you carry your child. And move with it everywhere in the room – your child will enjoy it […]

Month Seven – Make things easier

Everyone likes the shortcut. Here are a few tips to make your life easier: preparing food. Some mothers prepare several servings of milk, baby food and snacks. A number of family meals are prepared early and are consumed daily and then replenished as needed. Organization of tools. Keep the tools you use regularly in fixed locations to easily address them when they need them. Processing a specific place to change […]

The sixth month – dealing with grandparents wisely

Do not interact in a defensive manner and do not dwell on the details of grandmothers criticizing you in style with your child. Do not take unwanted advice, and make sure that your confidence in your mother’s skills will make it easy to deal with these unwanted tips. Although grandmothers may have many years of experience with motherhood, but you are only the only mother of this child, a fact […]

Fifth month – adapt to a little sleep

When sleep deprivation is a way of life, it is very difficult to do something there are 3 suggestions: 1. More sleep for your child At this age, most children are able to sleep at night (ie five or six hours at a time). If your child is not, you should take a look at the various sleeping training methods and choose one of them 2. More sleep for you: […]

Month 4 – Take care of yourself

After the stress of trying to adapt and co-exist with a new child, many mothers reach a point where they find themselves like ostriches who have lifted their head from the sand to discover that the world is not what I do – you must vary your activities and not just with your child. To get back to them quickly and take care of them and follow up their memories […]

Month 3 – Leave your child

It’s normal to feel some anxiety even when you leave your child with your parents or a trusted babysitter. Feeling a little bit nervous about your child is a sign of your interest and care. You do not have to worry. Your child’s safety should be balanced with some of your other needs, such as your mental and psychological well-being, and this can be good for both of you), the […]

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