Weaning is the introduction of external food with breast milk, which is in addition to the psychological development of both mother and infant, and this development is necessary for the growth of self-baby and open personality, and prepare to enter the world of adults to begin to serve himself Bvsah The best way to wean in general depends on staging, and over long months and not a month or two […]

Solid foods by ages from 24 to 36 months

How will meals change? Now that your child is two years old, he will be able to eat the rest of his family. However, do not add any salt to your baby’s meal. Try to present him with a variety of colors, flavors, and texture of foods from meal to meal. Doing so may help to attract attention at meal times. He will also learn new tastes. Your baby may […]

Solid foods by age from 18 to 24 months

How will meals change? At the age of 18 months, your child will join family meals. You may be able to say “more” or “finished”, or even use that spoon. The chaos is likely to be under your table! Your child may be able to drink from the cup without pouring any of its contents, or using a drinking pot. His prey will also start to appear, making his chewing […]

Solid foods aged 12 to 18 months

How will meals change? Your little boy is now officially a toddler. There have been many changes, he moves from place to place and wants to explore all things. His meal times will also change. Eating gently with a spoon, mashed food, and mashed bananas will look like distant memories. Your child may be complaining about eating, but try not to worry about it. He may refuse to eat food […]

Are certain types of foods considered necessary?

Your child’s diet is both healthy and diverse enough to include foods that are traditionally “healthy for your baby.” The real value of any type of food is the extent to which the body benefits from its ingredients. So there is no magic food that is healthy in itself, but its real usefulness is in the total nutrients it contains. In addition, any food component available in a particular type […]

Is my child’s food good?

A 1: 3-year-old child who has some meat or fish and / or legumes, nuts, some cheese, eggs, milk or yogurt gets enough protein no matter how good each ingredient is. If you also eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, it is ok to boil that amount of cabbage and lose some vitamin C because it will not affect the quality of the diet (but it may negatively affect […]

What is a “diverse diet” and what are its benefits?

The varied diet is characterized by allowing different foods to be eaten from large variety groups, through different combinations daily. The benefits of this system are that the person who follows him over a long term, certainly gets all his food needs under any circumstances. If what is needed does not exist in one type of food, it will undoubtedly be available in another. If you do not eat enough […]

Dietary habits for children aged 1 to 3 years

When children develop their eating habits, they rarely fully eat the various foods necessary for their food needs. Often, children’s food is limited to only 4 or 5 favorite foods. Sometimes the time of eating meals is uncomfortable for the child, which makes the child go to something else, and as a result of all the above does not take the child’s correct food needs, even when the child needs […]

Delicious dishes for children aged 12 months

Breakfast cereals (cornflakes) are mixed with milk and fruits Homs spiced Sweet and sour chicken Breakfast cereals dipped in milk with fruits:Ingredients: Half a cup of breakfast cereals A cup of yoghurt (yogurt) Two tablespoons of mashed apples. How to prepare: Mix all ingredients together. Leave breakfast cereals soaked in yoghurt until soft. Homs spiced Ingredients: One cup of dry chickpea One teaspoon of baking soda (soda bicarbonate) Half a […]

Recipes for children at the age of 11 months

Oatmeal porridge with fruit Basil and carrots with rice Shrimp eggs with toast Oatmeal porridge with fruit: Ingredients: Two tablespoons of oatmeal Half a cup of milk (milk) Apricot Apricot How to prepare: Put milk and oatmeal in a pan and cook for 5 minutes. Mashed apricot. Put all the ingredients in the mixer until you get the desired texture. Basil and carrots with rice: Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of oil […]

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