What is the time for intercourse?

Timing is everything. Since the sperm can live for two or three days, but the egg only lives about 12 to 24 hours. To increase the likelihood of pregnancy, it is important to have intercourse more often than soon to ovulate. Preferably intercourse one or two days before ovulation and again on the day of ovulation In this way, it is likely that there are sperm in the waiting of […]

What about a husband’s diet?

Food tips for the husband When it comes to fertility and diet, the husband should take daily dietary supplements containing zinc and selenium for at least three months before pregnancy. These minerals help the healthy growth of sperm.

Nutrition to increase the chances of pregnancy

Can some foods increase the chances of pregnancy? Do high-protein diets increase the likelihood of pregnancy? In addition to taking vitamins, what other foods can I need to get pregnant? nutrition What we eat, the general nutritional status can affect hormones and your ability to get pregnant. You can focus on healthy food choices, and you can follow new US dietary standards, which include many foods that can be your […]

Increased chances of pregnancy – how do you become pregnant?

Increased chances of pregnancy (how do you become pregnant?) If you are wondering how to become pregnant, Lacton gives you tips for getting pregnant quickly and what to do if you want to get pregnant and also what to do if you do not want to get pregnant now. Lactonk teaches you how to deal with fertility problems, what your fertility dates are, what time is the best time to […]

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