4 mixes of your kitchen to the beauty of your skin

If you are a girl, a working woman or even a housewife, you will certainly not have enough budget to take care of your skin at all times, because of the high cost of clothing, cosmetics and cosmetics. Because skin care moves are always the natural alternative, it is best to use the ingredients of nature at this stage. Many experts have confirmed that natural skin care masks are twice […]

Beauty of your hair

Mix of seven oils for hair Hair care takes a lot of attention for most women, especially as hair is heavily influenced by surrounding environmental factors, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. The search for cosmetics that help maintain hair health is the first task, but the natural alternative is always present and its results are the best. And the vast amount of mixtures that concern the health of hair, we offer you […]

Top 10 skin problems you face during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing from God, a source of joy in the hearts of parents. However, pregnancy negatively affects mothers to varying degrees. But most of them suffer from some aesthetic problems during pregnancy such as skin problems, hair loss, fragile nails .. and others. Through the series “Beauty during pregnancy” Supermama will review the problems of beauty during pregnancy and what you should expect to happen and how to […]

Use henna carefully during pregnancy

Experts suggest that henna should be used cautiously during pregnancy. Natural henna is believed to be safe. The black henna has been drawn from a tree other than the henna, which is dangerous to you and your child. Some types of henna contain added hair dyes. Read the contents on the box before you buy them. Consult your doctor before using henna if you have problems with your blood, such […]

Natural recipes to get rid of the area of the thighs

Mix of sugar, lemon and honey It is an effective mixture to lighten and exfoliate the skin while maintaining its health and freshness. Honey helps to maintain the health of sensitive skin between the thighs, and the sugar gently peels. The lemon has natural properties to lighten the skin color, which helps to get rid of dark spots in that area. * Mix a tablespoon of honey with half a […]

The health and freshness of your skin in your hands

The skin is a mirror of the body, and has many aesthetic and healthy functions, which are at the same time subject to constant and permanent changes, so ask which part of your body you think reveals more about your age? This is the question that every woman seeks to answer frankly, especially if she has signs of aging. If you are really looking for aging solutions, there are many […]

the chest

At pregnancy, the breast glands grow to allow for breastfeeding and increase the size of the breasts. Their weight can also be increased from about 300 g / kg. To avoid rupturing the stretch fibers, rub them with a moisturizing cream, wear a bra (a deep mold without a brace and wide braces) and make sure to do some simple exercises to strengthen the muscle that carries the weight of […]


It is certain that the ultraviolet lines that appear on the abdomen are the first enemy of beauty in pregnant women, especially as they secrete a hormone called cortisol that inhibits the action of collagen, which stimulates the elasticity of the skin when expanding, thus “cracking” our skin. From the first days of pregnancy, think about using an anti-cracking cream in the morning and evening, and note that the most […]


The level of hormones in the body of a pregnant woman is high, which prevents hair loss, and not even give it a luster and density. You may notice that your hair has never been as beautiful as it is in these nine months. But the level of hormones returns and decreases after birth, and may get that hair falls heavily because the body is undergoing a recovery. However, no […]


For oily skin exposed to the appearance of pimples, pregnancy may be a period of calm, as women will suffer in the first weeks of pregnancy from the eruption of blisters that go back and disappear completely with the progress of pregnancy. In some cases, pimples appear and do not fade until after birth. It should be noted that every oral treatment containing vitamin A is prohibited during pregnancy

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