Top ten pregnancy signs

10. Aversion to food 9. Mood Swings 8. Abdominal distension 7. frequent urination 6. Stress 5. Softness and swelling of the breasts 4. Nausea 3. Absence of the session 2. High body temperature 1. Positive home pregnancy test -10. Aversion to food If you are newly pregnant, it is fashionable to feel annoyed by the smell of pancakes or a cup of coffee, although no one knows for sure why, […]

How do I use a home pregnancy test?

First check the expiration date on the packaging and make sure it is not finished, For best results, try to test the first thing in the morning, when your urine is most concentrated. Read instructions carefully as they vary with different brands. Some require you to urinate in the cup then, using the supplied dropper, place a small sample in the test as well. Let others pee you directly on […]

Determine the type of fetus (boy or girl)?

Some parents hope to have a boy or a girl. Is it easy to choose? Your child is what you eat According to popular wisdom, what you put into your body before pregnancy may affect what comes out after nine months. If you want a boy … • Eat more meat, especially red. • Salty snacks such as biscuits and chips. • Parents have plenty of soda, especially cola drinks […]

How To Get Pregnancy Quickly

You should significantly reduce the likelihood of birth defects, so start taking folic acid at least one month before trying to conceive. 1: Knowing the time of fertility The biggest secret to getting pregnant quickly is knowing the time of fertility (ovulation of the ovary). Because most women produce an egg once each menstrual cycle, but there are only a few days of each cycle when intercourse can actually lead […]

I suffer from underweight and low body fat. Will this affect my ability to get pregnant?

not necessarily. It depends on whether your period is normal or not. If your period is 28 days or so, it is likely that underweight and low body fat will not affect ovulation and will not reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Women need to consume at least 17 percent of their body for natural ovulation. When the body’s fats are too low, this disrupts the flow of hormones from […]

I am overweight. Will this affect my chances of pregnancy?

not necessarily. It depends on whether your period is normal or not. If your period is 28 days or so, it is likely that your weight does not affect ovulation and will not reduce your chances of getting pregnant. But women who are overweight or obese may experience some hormonal imbalances that can affect menstrual cycles and prevent ovulation, making it difficult to get pregnant. For example, weight gain is […]

How long does it take to become pregnant?

No one can say exactly how long it will take you to become pregnant. But we can tell how long it usually takes to get a pregnancy – and how you can speed things up. The majority of women get the pregnancy within three months. Taking into account that the date of pregnancy can be delayed in the cases of the elderly, or smoking, this can weaken fertility. Time to […]

Parents of the future .. Several ways to help them get pregnancy

Pregnancy is often the focus on women only and this is not wise, your husband may have a crucial role in the absence of pregnancy so there is an important list must be carried out by the husband is as follows appointment with the doctor You and your spouse should visit your doctor, especially if you have a chronic illness, are taking any medication, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation, or loss of […]

If my period is irregular, will pregnancy be difficult?

Most women get about 12 cycles per year, but some go through a month or more without a cycle or never have a cycle. Stress, violent sports, weight loss or sudden increase – all of this can cause menstrual irregularity. The more irregular your cycle, the more unpredictable your fertility will be. You may be ready for fertilization and follow your ovulation every month. If your cycle was 28 days, […]

How do I know I am in the fertility period?

Some women know very well their fertility date but there. Other women do not notice any changes at all. If you want to get pregnant, try to follow your two-month cycle to observe some signs of fertility that include: 1 – to be in the breast 2 – Disorder and discomfort in the middle of the abdomen 3 – increase vaginal secretions that take the form of egg whites 4. […]

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