Month 12 – Your child’s first year

Your child can take his first steps at any time during the month (but he may not do so many weeks or even months ago, so do not worry unless your baby is walking this month). Most children take these early steps on their toes and feet outward At this stage, your child will be able to control his or her motor skills (he is now skilled at using his […]

The eleventh month of your child

How your child grows If your child is not really walking, his first steps are likely to start on his own soon. (If your child is not, do not worry.) Some children delay 17 or 18 months of age before they start walking and are very normal. Your child can now understand the simple instructions, and know what to say when you say “no”. This does not mean that he […]

The tenth month of your child

How your child grows Your child now understands simple instructions, although he may still ignore you when you say “no.” Although your child may not always remember tomorrow what you have said today, it is not too early to set limits and begin to teach some important differences, such as wrong health and safe unsafe things.

The ninth month of your child

How does your child grow? Your child’s personality is now apparent. He may be very social, and give his smiles to all who meet him, shy, hiding his face when strangers try his actions. Your child may take a period or assess the situation carefully before proceeding boldly. The mood may change very suddenly suddenly and will take the position of the turnip for you and may be waving goodbye […]

The eighth month of your child

How does your child grow? As soon as your child starts to move and move, you may wonder whether real shoes are necessary. As long as your child is still walking around the house, most doctors do not. It is normal for your child to walk and his leg slightly bent or with his feet outward, and the toes may look a little flat. Walking barefoot can help get rid […]

The seventh month of your child

How does your child grow? Your child has not become clearer. In the next few months he may learn to re-enact some moods and may show the first movements of empathy with those around him. For example, if someone hears a cry, he may start to cry as well.

The sixth month of your child

How does your child grow? At this age, children tend to be attracted to toys stuffed animals, whether large or small. If this happens to your child, this game may become the preferred thing and the source of safety for your child. If so, this game will be his favorite friend and companion anywhere and it will be a sign of the beginning of the emergence of independence, which makes […]

The fifth month of your child

ow does your child grow? Now your child sees and hears with him almost like adults. As his communication skills are growing rapidly, as evidenced by his snoring or crying. His voice can prove his attitude or response to things – such as happiness, care, or even satisfaction with a well resolved problem In this age, nearly half of the children chatter, repeating one section – such as Ba, Ma, […]

The fourth month of your child

How does your child grow? Following a specific system, which may include a bath or a bedtime story, may help your child get back to sleep. It is a good idea to get back to specific actions followed by sleep, as in this example: breastfeed and then take a bath and then put in bed and then read him from the book and then back me to some phrases

The third month of your child

How does your child grow? When placing your baby on his or her stomach, he may lift his head and shoulders up, using his arms for support. This helps him strengthen the muscles and gives him a better view of what is going on. It may surprise you with flips on your back, abdomen, or vice versa You can encourage the skill of volatility by playing: Put a moving game […]

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