Fetal development: 36 weeks

How does your child grow? Your baby is now gaining about an ounce a day. Where it now weighs approximately 2.8 kg and its length is more than 18.5 inches. Most of the soft hair covering his body, as well as the substance of the lipid cheesecake, is the wax material that has covered and protected the skin during the past nine months. Your child will swallow each of these […]

Fetal development – 35 weeks

How your child grows Your child does not have much room to move now. It’s more than 18 inches long and weighs about 2.5 kilograms. It’s very close to your belly. It’s not likely that he will be able to fluctuate now, but the number of kicks should remain the same. Now his kidneys have matured completely, and his liver can handle some waste. Now most of his basic physical […]

Evolution of the fetus – the eighth month

How does your child grow? Your baby’s weight is now just over 2 kg (about the size of the chameleon) and its length is 18 inches. Her fat layers – which will help regulate body temperature after birth – have been completed and now have a smoother skin than ever before. The central nervous system now has matured as well as the lungs. If you are worried about giving birth […]

Evolution of the fetus – the seventh month

How does your child grow? Your baby is about 15.7 inches long and weighs about a kilo and a half (the child is around 0.75 liters of amniotic fluid, which will shrink as he grows up and takes more space in the womb.) The development of sight continues, although it is not severe even after birth, where He will keep his eyes closed for a long time of the day […]

Fetal development: the sixth month

How does your child grow? Now the nerve network in your child’s ears has become more sophisticated and more sensitive than before. He may now be able to hear your voice or your spouse’s voice as you talk to each other. He now inhales and exhales small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is necessary to develop his lungs. Breathing movements are also a good exercise in preparation for taking the […]

Fetal development – the fifth month

How does your child grow? 11 inches long and about 0.5 kilos, your baby looks like a miniature model of a newborn baby. His lips, his eyelids, his eyebrows became clearer, and small buds under his gums. His eyes were formed, but the iris remains (the stained part of the eye) lacking color.

Fetal development – 3 months

How your child grows This month, your baby’s fingerprints, blood vessels and baby’s organs are clearly visible through its thin skin, and the head forms only one-third of the body’s size. If the fetus is a girl, it now has more than 2 million eggs in the ovaries. The length of your baby is approximately 3 inches (about the size of a pea pod) and weighs nearly an ounce

Fetal development – 9 weeks

How does your child grow? Your child’s length is now approximately one inch and weighs a few grams. He began to look more and more like a tiny human being. Many changes occur this week, including the completion of the heart of your child, which is divided into four rooms, and also the valves and the tail has disappeared completely. The external genitalia have been formed but we will not […]

Fetal development – 8 weeks

How does your child grow? NEW THIS WEEK: Fingers and toes have popped out of your child’s hands and feet “The tail has almost disappeared, but the external genitals are not yet developed enough to reveal whether you are a child or a child.” In both cases, your baby is now about the size of a bean – and it moves and changes constantly, but you do not. Thyroid.

Fetal development – week 7

How does your child grow? The most important event this week is the emergence of hands and feet from the legs and legs. You will also see a short tail for your child but this zill will disappear after several weeks . Your baby’s size doubles this week and now measures half a inch, equal to the size of a grape.

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