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Breast feeding importance for babies & mothers

Breast milk is a god’s donation for mothers to be the most greatest gift for their babies, recent medical researches proved that breast milk provides babies with the optimal nutrition and protection  from illness, where breast milk contains integrated mixture of unique , easily digested and easily absorbed nutritional components which support baby’s physical , mental , psychological developments in addition to it contains biologic components that act as antibiotics , and have an important role in protecting baby from infectious diseases and allergy , in addition to  crucial role of breast milk in building baby’s immune system.

In the same time lactating mother gets many benefits including loss of extra weight she gained during pregnancy , also lactation protects mothers from many diseases

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  • LACTONIC GOLD granules especially designed to achieve mother dream that is her ability to feed her baby from the breast , where LACTONIC GOLD helps in increasing breast milk supply through 100% natural components
  •  LACTONIC GOLD effects come from a blend of different herbal extracts which potentiate each other to have effect complex of natural herbal extracts , includes extracts of :Goat´s Rue herb: increases milk production by 50% in many cases, and may also stimulate the development of the mammary glands themselves.Fennel seed: is great for increasing breast milk production.

    Fenugreek seed: one of the best and strongest herbs for increasing milk production, Fenugreek must be used regularly for best results; otherwise it could decrease milk production.

    Hibiscus flower extract: studies have shown its ability to promote the production of breast milk.



  1. Dextrose,
  2. Hibiscus flower extract,
  3. Goat’s rue herb extract,
  4. fenugreek seed extract,
  5. fennel seed extract, vitamin C

Nutritional facts 

100 gm 100 ml
Energy values 1604kj / 380kcal 72kj / 17kcal
Proteins 0.3 gm 0 gm
Carbohydrates 94.9 gm 4.3 gm
Fat/oil 0.4 gm 0 gm
Vit. C 400 mg 18 mg
Humidity Maximum 10 % Maximum 10 %

How to prepare?

Add one table spoon (9 gm) to 200 ml of warm water and stir for few seconds

Keep the bottle in dry and cool place (under 25 C)

Net weight 200 gm

Check the expiry date on the bottom

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