Lactonic 4 Fruits & Cookies Puree

Used for : 6-36 Months

Lactonic 4 Fruits & Cookies Puree

contains Vit. C

contains fibers

Age group: From 6 Months


Product of Spain, Madrid, PRONUBEN S.L.

Lactonic 4 Fruits & Cookies Puree
Available in:
130 g

130 g


Apple purees (64%)

Banana purees (15%)

orange juice from concentrate (12%)

Pear purees (5%)

Biscuit (4%) [wheat flour, sugar, vegetable palm fat, glucose and fructose syrup

raising agents’ sodium and ammonium carbonates and flavoring.

vitamin c.

Nutritional information/ 100 gm

Energy values 323 KJ, 67
Lipids 0.6 g
From which saturated FAs 0.3 g
Carbohydrates 16 g
Fibers 1.5 g
Proteins 1g
Vitamin C 25mg*

*It represents 76% from dietary reference daily intake.

Usage & storage conditions

Keep in cool & dry place, not exposed to light, after opening, you can keep in frig. Up to 24 hours.

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