If my period is irregular, will pregnancy be difficult?

Increased odds of pregnancy

If my period is irregular, will pregnancy be difficult?

Most women get about 12 cycles per year, but some go through a month or more without a cycle or never have a cycle. Stress, violent sports, weight loss or sudden increase – all of this can cause menstrual irregularity. The more irregular your cycle, the more unpredictable your fertility will be.
You may be ready for fertilization and follow your ovulation every month.

If your cycle was 28 days, one month, 21 days next month, and 32 days the next month. Keep a record of your monthly sessions for months. Then subtract 17 from the shortest cycle and 11 from the longest cycle. The difference in days between the two is most likely to be ready for fertilization. If your periods are irregular and more than 35 days apart or longer, you should consult your doctor to check other causes of your irregular course, such as ovarian polycystic syndrome, ovarian insufficiency, thyroid disorders, excessive weight loss or elevated prolactin level.

Try to practice consensus at least twice a week. This will increase the likelihood of pregnancy even if you do not want to have intercourse

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