Determine the type of fetus (boy or girl)?

Increased odds of pregnancy

Determine the type of fetus (boy or girl)?

Some parents hope to have a boy or a girl. Is it easy to choose?

Your child is what you eat
According to popular wisdom, what you put into your body before pregnancy may affect what comes out after nine months.

If you want a boy …
• Eat more meat, especially red.
• Salty snacks such as biscuits and chips.
• Parents have plenty of soda, especially cola drinks
• Lie down after intercourse for a while.
• Focus on his happiness – the pair reaches its peak first

If you want a girl …
• Both partners should eat large amounts of fish and vegetables.
Eat chocolate, or eat sweets in general.
• Focus on happiness – women reach their peak first
• Take the lead – If you take the lead in initiating intercourse, you will get a girl.
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