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Weaning is the introduction of external food with breast milk, which is in addition to the psychological development of both mother and infant, and this development is necessary for the growth of self-baby and open personality, and prepare to enter the world of adults to begin to serve himself Bvsah

The best way to wean in general depends on staging, and over long months and not a month or two or a day or two, enough to turn the baby from relying on breast milk or industrial only to rely on normal food in the first place, and then on milk other than breast milk .

So weaning comes in two steps

– Entry of other foods

– Discontinuation of breastfeeding or bottle-feeding
– Entering other foods Usually the appropriate age to start this is between four and six months, and if we adopted the definition of weaning before the introduction of external food for the child with breast milk, it must be emphasized here that breastfeeding is better for the newborn; the most important benefits that it strengthens the immune system In addition to strengthening the emotional bond between the mother and the child. In special and Cairo circumstances, such as loss of the mother or her illness, the nature of her leaving for work, or when there is a twin, mixed or industrial breastfeeding is the most appropriate alternative.

Here we must consider some factors at the beginning of Weaning:

1 – avoid the beginning during the summer months; in order to prevent the child the risk of gastroenteritis.
2. The child must be in good health. Do not start with a child suffering from diseases such as wasting, malnutrition, intestinal influenza, or fever.
3 – Weaning should not begin quickly, without gradation, so as not to be infected with digestive disorders, or gastrointestinal bleeding.
4 – take into account the hygiene; because the child will move from a single source of nutrition, whether mother’s milk sterilized, or artificial milk, to many other sources and variety, easy to contaminate, and difficult to maintain cleaning, and this must wash the hands well before feeding the child, Food is good as well as keeping food away from pollution sources.
Weaning for breast-feeding or bottle-feeding (breastfeeding or brunette)

It is best to give your baby only breast milk in the first six months of life. Then, you can start with different foods as well as breast milk. When your child is about one year old, he will get all the benefits he needs from the foods he is eating. Therefore, breastfeeding may be completely stopped by what is known as “weaning your baby off the breast”. If you want to stop breastfeeding gradually before your baby is one year old, you will need to give him artificial milk instead. You can also combine breast milk and artificial milk to facilitate the transition of your baby. Breastfeeding is a very special time in a mother’s life, and it may be an emotional experience. You may feel sad because it is over, and you may also be happy to regain your body. The good news is that weaning does not end the close relationship that develops between you and your baby through breastfeeding. In fact, breastfeeding is only the beginning of your very own relationship.

When is the time to wean my baby?

It’s up to you. You may put in your lap the advice of breast-feeding experts about weaning the baby automatically. This means leaving your baby or toddler deciding when to stop breastfeeding. Breastfeeding for your child is more than just food or food, it is a way to stay near you and feel comfortable and comfortable. If you allow your child to stop breastfeeding at his or her own pace, you will be less likely to have problems.

How do I weaning?

When your child begins to eat a wide range of foods, you may find that he or she reduces your breast-feeding spontaneously. If you want to help make this process a success, follow these steps:

Stage 1: Call your child to finish his full baby, and then offer him a small portion of the food. You allow him to experiment with different flavors and compositions. He will also get most of the nutrients he needs from breast milk.
Stage 2: When your child can eat well (you will notice changes in his stool if so), you can turn things around. At some meal times, try to feed first before feeding. Then you can offer something to eat before each feeding.
Stage 3: Finally, you can provide water to your child in a cup with a soft opening that facilitates the exit of the liquid instead of breastfeeding.
How long does the weaning process take?

You may find that it takes only a few weeks to stop breastfeeding, especially if your child is bored by it, or you may find that the process takes at least one to six months, or any time between them.

It varies from child to child and depends on how fast your baby is and how he can cope. Weaning may take longer if you try to do this before your child is ready.

It is best not to suddenly stop breastfeeding because it can be annoying for your child and uncomfortable. It can lead to congestion of your breasts which may cause painful breast inflammation.

A gradual approach is recommended, but even if you are trying to wean your baby quickly, you will also need to follow the three steps mentioned above. If you do, your milk supply will slowly drop as your child’s demand decreases.
What if my child does not want to stop breastfeeding?

If your child does not show any sign of being ready to stop breastfeeding, be patient. He enjoys breast-feeding because it calms him down and feeds him. With this in mind, you can help them adapt to experimenting with the following:

Find other ways to rest
Gradually replace breastfeeding with other means to feed your baby. If you often feed your baby to calm him down, try other things that make him comfortable. You can read a book together or practice a game as you can

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