Solid foods by ages from 24 to 36 months

Your child's food

Solid foods by ages from 24 to 36 months

How will meals change?

Now that your child is two years old, he will be able to eat the rest of his family. However, do not add any salt to your baby’s meal.

Try to present him with a variety of colors, flavors, and texture of foods from meal to meal. Doing so may help to attract attention at meal times. He will also learn new tastes.

Your baby may have become better at using the spoon. He can also be able to use the fork, and start cutting the soft foods with the eating knife. So he may do so during a full meal without being restless or demanding to land down to play.

If your child is obedient, you may find that he or she learns basic table manners or is more concerned with experimenting with new foods. Of course, not every toddler wants to please his parents!

Your baby may be eating slowly, so be patient. Toddlers respond to praise and praise. So, even if your child has only taken a small amount, praise him. I gave him small portions of food. If he finishes what is in his class, then I will like you and then give him more.

But try not to claim that your meal time lasts for a long time. Do not make it exceed 30 minutes. Unless your baby eats a lot after 30 minutes, it is unlikely that he will finish his class suddenly.

Since throwing food uneaten may be difficult for you, let him leave the table and wait for the next snack or main meal. Then I gave him something nutritious instead.

Try to make meal times enjoyable and make sure you do not just eat. Sit down with him and talk about other things. Try to eat in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere away from things that distract attention, such as television, pets, or games and toys.

If your child still gets a day nap, try a main meal or snack to suit his or her time. Your child may not want to eat a big meal before the time of his or her nap. You may prefer a small snack or drink and have a proper meal when you wake up.

If your child goes to the nursery or babysitter, the supervisors or supervisors will look at his or her routine and eating habits. Your baby’s meals will be familiar to him, wherever he is.

How do I make eating enjoyable?

Continue to provide new foods for your child. But be sure to include at least one type of food in your child’s meals you know he prefers.

Do not forget foods in the form of fingers. Your child will enjoy his ability to control his food and eat himself.

You can try inviting a friend to your child from the nursery or from his group in the pre-school classroom to have tea. Your child may be more happy to eat well if he or she watches one of his friends eat too.

Your child will learn to eat new foods by watching you, or watching other children eat.

Try to eat together as a family whenever possible, although it is difficult for you and your husband to work full-time. In these shared meals, handle the same foods as your child, and try to say positive things about the food you eat

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