Jaundice causes .. Danger and treatment

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Jaundice causes .. Danger and treatment

What is jaundice?
Jaundice (yellow) is a condition that causes discoloration of the skin in yellow and white eyes. If you press your finger on the nose or chest of the white-skinned child and have jaundice, you will see this yellow color. If your baby is dark-skinned, you can see yellowing in the eyes or in the gums. The most common type of jaundice develops on the second or third day of life – close to the date the child leaves the hospital – so it is important to know about it, and we look forward to development. Most of these cases are physiological jaundice, and disappear on their own within two weeks.

What causes jaundice?
Newborns have red blood cells more than their body needs. Often, the fetus’s liver is not fully mature and can not treat these cells quickly enough. A yellow pigment called bilirubin, which accumulates in the blood, appears. Much of this bilirubin gets rid of the body in the baby’s feces, but nearly half of the babies show some degree of jaundice during the first two weeks of life. Preterm infants (born prematurely) or children with genetic diseases or infections are particularly vulnerable.
Some children who breastfeed may appear to have jaundice if they do not get enough breast milk, because bilirubin is unable to get out of the body through the body’s droppings to pick it up. Jaundice associated with breastfeeding usually appears in the first two weeks of the child’s life.
When jaundice appears within the first 24 hours, it may be due to incompatibility of the child’s blood type – with the mother (the mother is a negative risand factor and the child is positive for the risam factor), ‘infection, or liver problem.

Does jaundice worry?
Most newborns of jaundice are harmless and do not need treatment.
Your doctor may request blood tests to measure your child’s bilirubin levels, which usually require a small amount of blood from your child’s heel. In mild cases of jaundice, the doctor may prescribe a treatment that requires placing the child naked under the special blue lights that help the body to break down the bilirubin to get rid of the body.
This can be done in hospital or at home with a portable unit. A blanket of a special kind of optical fiber, can have a similar effect. In addition to phototherapy, it is important to keep your child well and to treat any underlying medical problems. Your doctor may often recommend breastfeeding or artificial milk to give your child more fluids to help eliminate bilirubin in your stool. The aim of the treatment is to reduce the level of bilirubin to prevent accumulation and reach toxic levels in the child’s brain (a disease called jaundice).
Follow-up and treatment almost no risk of jaundice or any other complications.

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