Month 12 – Your child’s first year

Stages of fetal development

Month 12 – Your child’s first year

Your child can take his first steps at any time during the month (but he may not do so many weeks or even months ago, so do not worry unless your baby is walking this month). Most children take these early steps on their toes and feet outward

At this stage, your child will be able to control his or her motor skills (he is now skilled at using his thumb and forefinger to pick things up for a larger muscle workout.) Some children in this age can focus on quiet activity from two to five minutes, but your child’s favorite games may not be at all calm .

Your child may now think it’s fun to push everything up and throw it up, so he’ll give you a game and take another, like stacking things in boxes or boxes and then throwing them out. This applies also to kitchen utensils. Issued by it

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